Neka & Shura – Bars and Tone

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Save Incoming Search Terms To Database

Was needing something that would store all of the incoming search terms from various search engines that would store each one into a table. As I only needed to reference the text of each term (rather than the count or page is it referencing) it just simply stores the term with an ID. It will […]

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Neka – Nmap

Limited to 150 hand-numbered and stamped cassettes, including a risograph insert housed in a ziplock bag with download code inside. 170bpm dubtechno vibes – released as part of the Ferro Tapes #01 compilation available here.

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Cart66 Also Bought Plugin

Help increase sales by showing relevant items that were also bought by previous customers. This plugin will look up previous orders that contain the current item and return the other items that were included with the order. Including relevant items like this will help increase sales as well as adding more link depth to your […]

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Spreepark, Berlin

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Download Database of Images to Server Using cURL and Save as GUID

Needed a script to run that would loop through all posts with a post meta that contained an externally hosted thumbnail and then download each image to the server using cURL (could use straight up PHP but some servers will block it). Can be modified to be used with any DB with a row for […]

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Editor Syntax Highlighter Plugin

Editor Syntax Highlighter will use syntax highlighted code for editing both theme and plugin files using the browser editor allowing for easier coding. It can be pretty tedious looking at line after line of code on a bland palette, so I put together this plugin that draws on the CodeMirror library of brushes. For when […]

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Track outbound links in Google Analytics

The above code works by telling Google Analytics to record a page view for every outbound link. As a result, Google sees outbound links as another page view on your website under the subdirectory /outgoing/. So, for example, if someone clicks a link to http://example.com/ on your website, Google Analytics will record a page view […]

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Remove Stop Words Plugin

For one site with a lot of content I noticed there was a fair amount of posts with long titles that were over the 255 character guide for Google. Also, it looks messy. Google tends to ignore a certain type of words called ‘stop words’ (e.g. the, and, a) so one technique that can be […]

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